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Acquisition Consultants Ltd in Mold is a professional management consultancy specialising in business acquisition strategy and support services. Our clients are all on the 'buy side'. We look after and support your company/business in all the processes and structures, all the way from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects. Our goal is to provide integrated, sustainable solutions in every challenge your company may face.


In particular, we have become very specialist in the healthcare sector (both human and animal) which is evolving and developing rapidly due to recent changes. We now specialise in GP surgeries, medical centres, private hospitals, vets, dentists, clinics, care homes and other healthcare businesses.


In 2016 we entered the animal healthcare sector which is moving through a period of consolidation following a regulation change in 1998. At that time, it was forecast that 70% of the sector may have consolidated by 2021. In fact 60% of the sector has now consolidated with 300 practices being consolidated every year. The sector is being driven by recent demographic changes under way within the increasingly female-dominated veterinary profession. Experienced veterinarians are finding that they are unable to entice the younger generation of vets into taking over or buying into their businesses. There are probably 5 or 6 main consolidators, some of whom may look to float or undertake a trade sale soon. In 2022, the number of active consolidators has decreased to 3 due to CMA and other factors. They are mainly interested in making the acquisition of practices with two or more full-time vets and mainly involved with small animals. The Vet Groups now have expanded into many countries in Europe.

Dental Practices have now recovered following Covid and acquisitions have now restarted in this sector with various consolidators being backed by Private Equity. The consolidators have now started to expand into Europe. Please contact us if you would like a valuation by a consolidator. Our fees are paid by the consolidator.

What makes us different? Optimised consultancy based on experience and expertise. From acquisition planning, project control and target identification to provision of monthly progress reporting - we offer comprehensive and personalised support. We are effectively a 'one stop' shop for companies or people looking to make an acquisition. Through our associates, we can also assist with tax planning, accounting and finance matters including invoice finance which has evolved as a good and flexible alternative to overdraft facilities, particularly where rapid expansion is concerned. 


Contact us now. We are happy to meet you at your premises for a free exploratory first meeting.


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