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We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of management. These solutions are rooted in our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here. We particularly specialise in the healthcare sector both human and animal) including the sale and leaseback of surgeries www.gpsurgerysaleandleaseback , clinics, vets, care homes, opticians, dentists and private hospitals.

Successful acquisition strategies are a result of:-


1. Careful initial planning. Identify what you want to achieve at the outset and how you want to grow your Group. A key question is 'how will acquisitions make my existing group more valuable'.

2. Stable foundations. You can't expand a Group which doesn't have good foundations. It is important to put your own house in order before embarking on acquiring businesses.

3. Appropriate levels of funding. Talk to your bankers and funders at the outset about your plans and obtain their support.

4. Good management. You need to have an existing good management team in place along with people capable of integrating the acquired businesses into your Group.

5. Acquiring good management. There is no point in acquiring a business unless you also acquire good people.

6. Good timing. The timing has to be right for both buyer and seller if a transaction is to be successful.

7. Wise professional advice. Many deals break down due to poor professional advice. 

8. Diligence. Understand why targets wish to sell and the strengths and weaknesses of their business.

9. Integration. You will probably need an integration team. Integration doesn't happen immediately but is a process over many months or even years. It is vital to ensure that you don't lose major customers after the acquisition.

10. Acquisition screening. Look at all possible targets and identify those which are a 'good fit' for your Group.


We are happy to assist you with all the stages of your acquisition programme and if appropriate, attend at meetings of your acquisition committee. It is essential that the process is driven in order to achieve goals.


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